Module loader (plugin system) based on dependency injection for NodeJS applications.


Filtering a List View

We emphasis on some useful patterns regarding the filtering on a list view. We will define some rules (guides) that are essential for a proper filtering experience.

build bricks

Gulp for Angular 1

Typical gulp tasks to instrument a elegant Angular 1 production and development build process


Angular 1 Typescript Guidelines

Guidelines and best practises to organize your Angular 1 application with typescript. Proper usage of namespaces, classes, annotations.

angular1 guides

Angular 1 Guidelines

Angular 1 Guidelines and best practises. Source code tree, namespaces, file names, proper Angular tools usage, application architecture.


RequireJS Execute Modules Before Initialization (data-main)

Handle RequireJS modules before the initialization of RequireJS (data-main)


Bulk Operations

Structure the API for bulk operations…

Save credentials in chrome

Prevent Browser to Store Credentials

Prevent the browser from keeping the personal data…