A package management system based on Plugins and dependency injection for NodeJS applications.


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Javascript Metaprogramming

We extend JavaScript with the essentials of multi-staged metaprogramming and implement it in SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. We indicate the minimal modification occurred in SpiderMonkey by minor extending the lexer, parser, AST, reflection (parse) and the addition of the unparsing procedure, some library functions, the staged logic and a debugging system.


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  • Angular 1 Typescript Guidelines coaching

    Guidelines and best practises to organize your Angular 1 application with typescript. Proper usage of namespaces, classes, annotations.

  • Filtering a List View filter

    We emphasis on some useful patterns regarding the filtering on a list view. We will define some rules (guides) that are essential for a proper filtering experience.

  • Web Application Alerts and Notifications notifications

    In a modern application there are unlimited choices of notifications
    and alerts. We try to distinguish our requirements and pick the right tool for our needs.



  •   05/2016 - Present
    UI Engineer - Encode, Athens, Greece
  •   11/2015 - 04/2016
    UI Engineer - Granta Design, Cambridge, UK
  •   2013 - 2015
    Computer Science, M.Sc. Information Systems
  •   2014 - 2015
    Postgraduate researcher, FORTH, ICS, HCI
  •   2013 - 2015
    Teacher assistant - Software Engineering, Compilers
  •   2014 - Present
  •   2009 - 2013
    Computer Science, BSc IT
  •   2012 & 2013
    Backend developer internship - Styloola

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